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New Scientist

“Gale and Lax aim to fill in the gaps in public understanding of all things nuclear, and they are adept at doing so. Throughout the book they present a host of interesting facts and figures in humorous and accessible prose, and their explanation of the biological effect of internal radiation is excellent.


These days we can measure radiation incredibly accurately, but are not good at putting health risks from radiation into perspective with all of the other risks that threaten our health. This book does a good job at explaining radiation and what it does, both good and bad. Radiation is integral to our planet and its use will shape our future here. In Radiation, Gale and Lax help us understand how and why.”

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Publisher’s Weekly

“An invaluable guide for negotiating an increasingly radioactive world.”

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“‘Virtually everything is radioactive, including us.’ The opening line of this stellar book underscores the omnipresence of radiation, yet, as physician Gale and science writer Lax point out, most people know little about the topic… Gale and Lax objectively present the danger and value of radioactivity. In content and writing, Radiation absolutely glows.”

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