Introduction to Radiation

What is radiation?

Here is a good introduction to the electromagnetic spectrum:

For a broad overview of ionizing radiation, this link to a World Health Organization site should be helpful:

For a sense of just how small atomic particles are, see this animated video:

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Goiânia accident

For a detailed account of the Goiânia accident, the report of the International
Atomic Energy Agency can be found at:

A summary of the event with translations from stories in local Portuguese
language newspapers is here:

The medical paper written by Bob and his colleagues is at:
“Use of Recombinant Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony Stimulating Factor in the Brazil Radiation Accident,” The Lancet, August 27, 1988. An abstract can be found at:

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Calculate Annual Dose

To calculate your annual dose of radiation, go to:

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