We made every effort to provide accurate information in the printed version of the book, but occasionally errors make their way through editing. Here are what we’ve found so far.

Page 3

change Institute for Civil Service to: Ipasgo, the health care authority for the state

Page 4

change about a mile to: about one-third of a mile

Page 5

change a medical clinic to: a public health clinic

Page 6

change the hospital physician to: a doctor at the clinic

Page 16

copernicium-285 should be: copernicium-277

Page 17

change chain to: chains

Page 21

change 137,893 to: 88,996

Page 42

line 25, delete “salts” so reads: …some ores containing uranium and thorium…

line 27, delete “salts”

line 29, change uranium salts to: uranium ores

Page 43

change: Also in 1900… to: In 1912

Page 69

change astatine to: astatine-213

Page 73

change protactinium-234 to: protactinium-234mchange 77,000 years to: 75,000 years

Page 74

change lead or iron to: lead or thallium-205

Page 78

change The Japan Academy of Science to: the Science Council of Japan

Page 79

change The Japan Academy of Science to: the Science Council of Japan

Page 83

change Sea of Japan to: Pacific Ocean

Page 102

Delete two sentences: The chain reaction in the reactor core continued to generate heat, albeit it less…nuclear fuel began to melt. Replace with: Although the chain reaction had terminated, the radiation from the fission products in the core continued to release enough energy to act as if the reactor was still operating at about 7 percent of full power. As there was no circulating water to remove this heatthe reactors overheated and there was an explosion.

Page 133

in dates for Morgan change 1886 to: 1866

Page 138

change a RNA to: an RNA
change radiation forces to: radiation levels

Page 152

The number after Denver in the chart should be 4, not 7.

Page 154

change cumulative effective dose to: collective effective dose

Page 159

change nect to: neck
change dimished to: diminished
Photon-generating should be: Proton-generating

Page 164

change Fat Boy to: Fat Man
change Fat Boy’s to: Fat Man’s

Page 166

change Canon-fired to: Cannon-fired

Page 170

change hardened steel protection…to: depleted uranium shielding

Page 171

insert a period after electrons

Page 177

largest possible threat should read: “largest reasonable threat”

Page 184

change for use in pipes to: to make pipes for solar arrays

Page 185

change lower extremities to: lower abdomen
one kilowatt should read: one kilowatt hour

Page 232

change BCRA to: BRCA

Page 235

delete: Howard W. Dickson, CHP, President, Dickson Consulting, LLC

Page 236

new paragraph between lines 12 and 13: We owe a special debt to Howard W. Dickson, CHP, President, Dickson Consulting, LLC for his advice, tutelage and patience through several drafts.

Page 251

In the endnote for p.191, the link to the last reference for the burning of coal produces should be: